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What You Need to KNOW Before Buying

What You Need to KNOW Before Buying

KNOW what you need

What will accommodate your family or lifestyle?  Proximity to amenities, schools, work etc. Have a clear idea of what you want in a home.  Write down a wish list and decide what you are willing to compromise on.

KNOW what you can afford

Speak with your bank manager or consult a mortgage broker to determine your budget.

KNOW what is available

Newspapers, real estate publications, real estate offices and the internet are all good places to start.

KNOW local values

Research sales in your local area Once you've found your perfect property Make an Offer - if you're buying at auction make sure all conditions are met ahead of time and have pre-approved finance.

Here's a list of people we'd recommend you speak to before going unconditional:

the bank - confirm your finance

the council - get a LIM and check the zone your home's in, and if there are any planned developments for the area

a building inspector - to carry out an in-depth check of the house

an engineer - to carry out an in-depth check of the land

your lawyer - to check the title and make sure all the paperwork's in order

your insurer - it's not just contents insurance you need anymore. You'll need home insurance, as well as life and/or loan repayment insurance, so you don't have to worry about your ability to repay your home loan should the unexpected happen

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