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Dairy Flat


Dairy Flat is a rural district 8 km south of Orewa beach in the North Island of New Zealand, 28 km north of central Auckland. Until the early 1990s most of the district was in dairy farms of 40 to 60 hectares (100 to 150 acres), but with the growth of Auckland City and the extension of the Northern Motorway into the area, these are being gradually subdivided into lifestyle blocks of around 2 to 5 hectares (5 to 12 acres), many of which are grazing sheep, horses, beef cattle or deer.


Dairy Flat School 

Dairy Flat is a rural haven close to Auckland, where our families can enjoy the freedom of space and feel connected to the country. The school greatly benefits from strong support from our community.  Our school aims to “provide the best possible learning experiences and environment to facilitate students to become lifelong learners who strive for excellence, value diversity, think creatively and care for themselves and others.”  We believe that ‘everyone can become a powerful learner, in a supportive, connected learning environment based on respect for each other and reflective practices.’  Dairy Flat School has a long and proud tradition.  The school was established in 1878, and from old accounts of the district, Dairy Flat had a predecessor, Pukeatua School, which had a roll of twenty.  The school has certainly progressed from its early beginning and now proudly offers  excellent learning and teaching. We are responsive to the community and the needs of the children. 


Local amenities include

Tennis club

Country club with restaurant and swimming pool 


Dairy and Liquor store

Petrol Station 



Falloons stockfoods store