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Wainui is a locality in the Rodney District of the Auckland Region of New Zealand. Wainui is approximately 5.5 kilometres north-east of Waitoki and 10 km west of Orewa.


Wainui School 

Wainui School is a rural school with a long history. It was started in 1879 in a single classroom which survives to this day, restored as an example of an early New Zealand school at the Museum of Transport and Technology’s Pioneer Village.  The majority of our pupils are drawn from the farming areas of Tahekeroa, Upper Waiwera, Upper Orewa and of course Wainui itself. We are, however, beginning to enrol children from further afield. While traditionally a farming area, the make-up of the school has changed somewhat in the last ten years. Most of the contributing families are now small holding ‘life-style block’ owners, city or towns-people who have moved into the area to experience the quieter rural life. The school still has members from some of the original settlers in the area. With an open enrolment zone, students choose to come from Millwater, Red Beach and Kaukapakapa.  Many occupations are represented by the school’s parents/caregivers, with many commuting to the North Shore or to the city.  Many children use the daily bus service to travel to and from school. Visit Wainui School website


Wainui Golf Club 

Home to the latest Puddicombe Golf Design championship layout in the rolling hills of Wainui, the course stands apart as one of the finest golf layouts in the North Island, if not, New Zealand as a whole.  The Wainui course is an 18-hole, 6485 metre par 72 course that excites scratch golfers and challenges novices.  The course incorporates the natural topography of the New Zealand countryside and captures the rugged beauty of Kiwi landscapes.  Coupled with two multi-sport courts and a nine hole short course with holes ranging from 65 – 135 metres in length whether you're new to the game, a scratch player, or a social player and merely enjoy healthy outdoor activity there is truly something for everyone. Visit the Wainui website


Wainui Settlers church 

The year was 1862 and the Wainui residents were building a Presbyterian Church. Land for the church was donated by Irishman William Lamont who had bought 104 acres for 100 pounds that year. Mr Lamont was a brick maker and one of his hand made bricks is on display at the Silverdale Pioneer Village Museum.  A Kauri tree was donated by the Hellyer family and the men of the district, regardless of their religious denomination, joined together to build the church. Although officially it was a Presbyterian Church, it was also the only community building in the district and Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian services were all held there.  Sunday School was held in the church and it also served as the Wainui School for 10 years. It was the local Post Office. Various groups met there, including the Mutual Improvement Society who read plays, sang songs and read and discussed poetry. For many years the women’s division of Federated Farmers also held their meetings there.  In the early days it was also the depot for deliveries of groceries conveyed by horse and cart along the clay roads from the Bond store in Silverdale. The groceries were left on the porch for collection.  Eventually Presbyterian services were no longer held in the church. There was even a move to sell it but this was strongly opposed by the community and in particular by Mrs Thomas Lamont who rallied enough local support to save the building. Today the Wainui Church still stands on its original site. Services are held once a month and it is available for weddings.

Wainui settlers church